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Default Re: Battery Disconect

I did call that Moroso technical assistance number: 203-458-5042 [ in Connecticut ].
I had to tell them the part number: 74104
I was impressed how quickly they answered the phone and talked to me.
They said that the same sized bolts fit all side mount batteries, big & small, old & new.
So my problem is not having the wrong size.
I have my share of battery chargers and trickle chargers.
The problem is that I must park some of our cars on the street, hundreds of yards away, or in the basement garage of a large condo.
In either case, there is no access to electricity.
Three of my vintage cars are constantly connected to a three museum grade Battery Minders.
Unfortunate, because of way the battery tie downs are on our Saturn, it is very inconvenient for snapping batteries in and out.
I have thought about remounting the battery in the trunk to be able to snap it in and out easier.
I would have no problem with maintaining a bank of spare fresh batteries.
In fact, I deliberately use the same sized battery in five of my other vintage cars, so that they can be interchanged with freshly charged batteries.
It make no difference which battery belongs to which car, they just rotate.
I have purchased, but not yet installed, marine terminal conversions so that these batteries can be snapped in an out like they do with boats.
I often contemplate putting marine grade, Coast Guard approved, stuff in cars.
You could go to jail, for endangering peoples lives, by for putting automotive grade electrical stuff in a boat [LOL].
Am I getting off the subject?
It looks, unfortunately, like I should put in a much higher grade battery disconnect built for race cars.
I did not want to get into that much trouble.
These bar device battery cutoffs are [usually] so easy to install.
Some of these race car cutoffs have kits, so they can be operated by cable from within the car.
I do not look forward to messing with mounting brackets and perhaps needing to involve a welder person.
I will need to purchase a couple of new ground cables to make it work.
Why is everything so hard [LOL]?
Thanks for jumping in with you suggestions.
I am impressed with this Saturn billboard.
You guys make being a new Saturn owner unexpectedly exciting.
Thank you.


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