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1994 SC2
Default Re: 94 sc2 difficult to start in cold weather

I am familiar with the issue with priming the fuel system on the 97s. I used to have a 97 sl1. My current vehicle that i am having trouble with is my 94 sc2. Even at its worst, the 97 didn't act like this. My 94 sc2 will still act like it's not getting enough fuel for the first minute after it finally starts. Then it will run like nothing is wrong. If it sits for 5 or 6 hours, it is a little hard to start. Overnight or longer, it takes 5 or more minutes.

It's been raining all day, so i haven't changed the fuel filter yet. I have been running errands all day and the car has been running just as good as it always has. There is no noticeable loss of power and it idles and runs smooth as glass. Tomorrow morning, it will likely take me about 5 minutes to get it started again.

Another theory is the lucas fuel treatment I've been using. I noticed/remembered today that the stuff is pretty thick when cold. When i filled up earlier, i added a can of b12 solvent based fuel system cleaner, instead of the lucas. I'm wondering if that stuff has accululated in the fuel filter and clears out after pushing enough gas through.

Edit: one of those errands was to rent a fuel pressure testing kit from autozone. I plan on testing it in the morning.


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