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Default Elusive high idle issue - 2001 SL1

So, this is my first post and I'm hoping I can get some seasoned Saturn users to assist me in having a clue of where to look.

For months now, I have been battling this annoying high idle issue. I would have things repaired and the idle would go away, only to return again in no time. Now it is constant and everyone I've had look at it is playing the guessing game. My step father (mechanic) and another garage owner in my town have basically come to the same guess on their own. They think it may be either the Sec Air Injec. Sys. Shut Off Valve or the wiring harness that goes to it. They have looked for vacuum leaks and found none. I feel like I can hear one somewhere but I'm not sure. I did have a crack in the irreplaceable plastic vacuum line connector piece that plugs into the throttle body but that has been plugged up with heat resistant sealant (could that still be expanding enough to create a leak somehow?). My step dad also found hairline cracks in the throttle body itself but he used some metal bonding epoxy where he saw the cracks (could this not be good enough to stop a leak in the body itself?). A chip of metal was also taken out in one of the holes because a new, slightly longer screw was used when changing my TPS but my step dad used some red bonding goo to attempt to fix that. The TPS is working correctly. IAC has been replaced. I have had my intake manifold gasket replaced twice (second time because of an improper install). I have had the temperature sensor replaced, just in case.

My cars service engine light was on for a while and has been off mostly lately, which is strange because i haven't fixed the issues. Came back on for a short time one day with a couple different codes recently.

  1. (Confirmed) P0410 Sec Air Injec Sys
  2. (Intermittent) Bank 1 O2 Sensor 2 - I believe
  3. (Newest) MAP sensor
  4. (Has appeared before and again now) System Voltage Low

The garage owner I know has said he did a check to see if it was the Intake Manifold Gasket and it wasn't. Whatever he did, I don't think it required him to actually look at the gasket. I know there is another way to check it so I trust him but I'm still not sure if it was accurate. The car sits at around 1200 stopped. It does fluctuate a bit. The idle is sometimes at 2000 and sometimes 2500 in park.

Another issue that may be related somehow is the car jerks while accelerating often now. It feels like it's losing power or misfiring, maybe? The car goes forward as if it starts to slow down immediately and letting go of the pedal seems to help. It's a semi-rapid jerk and feeling of struggle most times if I stay on the pedal. This very same phenomena actually has kicked the car out of cruise control. Normally that should only go off with the button or touching the break.

I thought a long explanation would help someone imagine the problem if anyone understands the systems well enough. I am not a car guy but if I had time to be one, I would. I hope to get some good advice here. Any unclear parts in my texts, please let me know and I'll clarify if I can.

I love this car and want to keep it running smooth and on the road for as long as possible. 172,000 miles so far.


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