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Default Re: Drum to Disc Parts

Originally Posted by fetchitfido View Post
The easy to get stuff (walk into parts store, ask for '94 SC2 parts and if they ask if it has the performance package go find another store that isn't administered by morons):
Rear calipers ('91-'97 DOHC w/ABS)
Rear caliper bracket bolts ('91-'97 DOHC w/ABS)
Rear caliper slider pins ('91-'97 DOHC w/ABS)
Rear caliper pads ('91-'97 DOHC w/ABS)
Rear rotors ('91-'97 DOHC w/ABS)

The not so easy:
Parking brake cables (have fun with this one, length is model dependent and drum cables don't fit calipers)

I'd source the hardware from the nearest junkyard and bug the nearby granite shed guys to sandblast 'em. to find the part numbers, then hope eBay or can source them if you have to have OEM (seems silly, OEM price's will put the cost of the swap well over the cost of buying a parts car with the
Thanks for the detailed response . No junk yards in WA seem to have any Saturns with rear disc brakes currently. I use the site you linked all the time. I found the part numbers for the brake cables and dust shields, but unfortunately neither eBay nor Amazon has them . I wonder if anyone on here has these parts. I'd be happy to buy them!


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