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Default Re: Getting code u2105

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Anytime you drive with a car that has abs and traction control, lose traction on slippery surfaces, traction control automatically takes over for one reason. You no longer have your car under control as different wheel speeds are detected by the abs with traction control the opposite of abs, to deliberately reduce wheel spin and regain traction to all four wheels. Any one wheel not having traction means that wheel is either spinning faster or slower than the other three with abs/tc reacting. In your case the abs starts a procedure with reducing spark timing, reducing throttle (literally taking away engine power from your right foot) and in extreme cases, applies braking to remove as much wheel spinning as possible until all four wheels return to the same wheel speeds - the electronics knows the car is back to having traction at lower speed and returns throttle back to your control until you drive faster than the conditions allows normal driving. Yes, electronics are everywhere to remove power when necessary. From any abs, traction control, limp home mode from errors in drive by wire systems, and airbags. Stabilitrak removes engine power when someone makes incorrect high speed car changes in direction. The last step to removing the irresponsible driver are driverless cars being tested everywhere to see if these autonomous vehicles can handle everyday driving situations most of us take granted from years of 'practice' computers need sensors and highly developed programs. Guess how I know this? Practicing in a large parking lot with snow or ice and deliberately accelerating as fast as my car can when abs and traction control take over. I never assume a computer is smarter than me until I test it. This ads first hand experience to anyone interested while most remain clueless until experiencing it the wrong way, while driving in conditions not conducive to having complete control of a vehicle.
Right and it was doing that as well which I knew was traction control, however, why would traction control dim my lights, make the fans blowing hot air half speed?


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