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2003 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
2002 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default Re: Getting code u2105

Originally Posted by dwtutts View Post
Hey guys. My wifeís Saturn is throwing a code u2105. Itís shifting hard and starting a little hard. However. I donít know if thatís is something wrong with the car or itís cold. Either way, I have done some research into it, Iíve tried doing a reset with pulling the battery out and such, but it still is shifting hard. Any ideas?

Itís a Saturn l300. 2004. 135k. V6. Thanks.
1. Check Tranx fluid levels that could also affect hard shifts with a reliable tranx shop.
2. What proceeded this problem if any?
3. Maintenance history and repairs?
4. What did you use to read the codes if I recall they are P0 codes.


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