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Default security horn/lights going off randomly

I have a 2006 ion 100000. I've had this problem for awhile, it used to happen about 5 years ago when i'd open my door. with the key(fob stopped working) This resulted in me removing the fuse for the horn.

I dealt with no horn, but then I had to replace the drivers door due to an accident. I got a salvage door and obviously installed it myself(kind of a no brainer). I thought now that the fob works with the new door, I could put the horn fuse back in.

Everything was fine for awhile. Now it goes off randomly, pulled the fuse again to prevent annoying neighbors. And then now it is to the point of killing the battery(which is about 5 years old btw).

I do not have a sunroof, googling showed me that was the issue for some. I also left town for awhile with the keys with me so the fob was far away from the car.

Any fuse I can pull? I tried disconnecting the wires that connect the fob from the door, no luck.

Any ideas? any temporary fixes?


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