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Default Saturn XE 2007 dies after it heats up?

Hello fellow Saturn owners, and enthusiast. This my first official post so hello as well.

I have Saturn with 150K miles.

Just did a tune, replaced battery, and neutral safety switch. My car was in limp mode after tune up so I replaced Neutral safety switch.

I have two problems 1st the Saturn shuts off after driving it solid for about 40 min. this is very scary as the care goes dead, while driving. This is my wife's daily driver, and am a little frustrated as I don't know what to do hear. LOL People keep suggesting I get ride of the car, but honestly its been a great car. I would like to keep it, but this issue is quite perplexing, and dangerous.

The 2nd problem is I cant rev. passed 4000 RPMs, unless I unplug Mas air flow sensor. Only problem the car codes after a few min., and re-enters limp mode

Im thinking it could be electrical/fuse related. It starts and runs great cold except me not being able to exceed 4k rpms.

Ive read through some post hear, and hope maybe I could get some guidance from the community, before I get rolled at the dealer.

Options im looking at

transmission issue






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