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Default Re: I new a new car, something like a SL

Originally Posted by underthehood View Post
Not sure your fascination with those cars but sadly they are pretty much turds in the pool. But hey to each their own I guess. Better those than a Ford, or a Chrysler "Cloud car" (Cirrus, Nimbus or whatever they are).
Have fin best of luck
Cavaliers are solidly mediocre, but always were reliable -- we had a 2000 LS in the family until about 2010. Got about 180K mostly trouble free miles out of it before getting hit by a car, fixing, hitting and elk, fixing and selling.

The Volvos are safe, quiet, nice, comfortable, and pretty affordable. I get out of it after a long drive without thinking about how I wish I hadn't been in the car so long. I drive one of California's most dangerous highways weekly, so I wanted something a bit more solid should someone try to take me out.

My Saturn(s) were great cars, and I still have the 98 in the family. It sure was loud in the cabin at 75mph though! My ears would be slightly ringing after a 10 hour drive.

I know you hate those too, though.

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EGR ADAPTERS AVAILABLE! $30 "reverse" $40 standard

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