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2007 AURA XR
Wrench Aura XR 3.6 Front Cat Flex pipe

My Aura XR with the 3.6 has developed a loud exhaust. I got under the car and can see where there is an area of the Flex pipe that is wet. I started the car and confirmed that this is the exhaust leak I am hearing as I can feel exhaust in this area. I have seen that this is part of the the front Cat tube and does not seem to be sold separately (except universal). The car has around 133,000 miles. I have considered just replacing the whole cat/pipe combo (found online at $250, installed myself), but this seems an overly expensive fix considering the cat is still working properly.

Has anyone replaced just this flex pipe and know the dimensions (or what the replacement was? (I searched for it on this site, but only found an entry for an Astra 4cyl).

On an online parts site, I did find EASTERN CATALYTIC 80071, which kinda looks like the part, but it states it is Pre-Cat, and the one in question is clearly after the cat, but before the connection to the rear cat assembly.

Thank you for any input on this.

Kent City, Mi

2007 Saturn Aura XR


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