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2007 AURA XR
Question Where do I start with all the issues? 07 Aura XR

Well, I purchased this car brand new over 10 years ago. Sold it to my son 5 years ago. He went away for the Army Reserve to help with the Hurricane recovery in Texas. Holy crap this car has gone to hell! Not going to list out all the issues but I have about 10 more days to fix the big ones. One thing I am wondering about:

- Door locks will lock and unlock with the key fob (which I just fixed with a solder gun)
- Door lock button on both the driver and passenger side do not do anything.

I read that I need to try and replace these buttons which I am going to try. My question is, if these things do not work, would that be the reason the remote start does not work? When I lock the car and hit the remote start button, the car lights come on and I can hear the fuel pump but the car does not turn over.

Good God, I have new tires ordered, taking it to the dealer to fix a recall, and I've filled two trash bags full of trash cleaning it out. Lots of work to do before he gets back! Thanks for the help!


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