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Default Yet another Service ESC/Service Traction question

Hi guys, we own a 2009 Saturn Aura 2.4L with 87,000 miles. Began having the Service ESC/Service Traction DIC messages with the steady SES light and constant traction light symbol last year. Engine misses and runs rough, but driveable. I also noticed that the fuel consumption is a little higher; no surprise there.

I have a code reader and it always shows P0201. We also have the Verizon Hum module, and they report the same P0201 code, but at other times they report P0301 and P0014. Last year I took the car to the dealership, and they replaced the intake cam position sensor. They noted on the service report that is the problem comes back that the throttle body would have to be replaced. It was better for a little while, but came back just as before.

Do you think I need to replace the exhaust CMP or the #1 fuel injector? Maybe the intake CMP has failed again? Any and all advice is welcome. I understand that a new throttle body is rather pricey.
thanks a bunch!

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