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1999 SC1
Default Possible fuel filter issue

Ive been bedridden the last few days and the boredom made me think and look around on the net. Well. In the midst of that, i thought to look into my issue with that noise near the fuel filter. I found a site that had info about clogged fuel filters.

According to the site, the clogged filter causes power losses, particularly when climbing hills. Also says that it can show up as a O2 sensor.

I went and had my codes read, and got back P0442 and the 02 sensor code (dont remember the numbers for that one)

In addition, im having the weak starts, and i do feel a loss in power when climbing hills. I thought the loss of power was something involving the valve body and it slipping, but it never went away after fixing the valve body.

And, i did find the source of the noise. The hissing noise is the fuel filter, and pressing on it changes the frequency of the noise. So, i suppose if say it is clogged, that a seal blew out somewhere and is causing the hissing.

It seems i forgot to ask how much renting a fuel pressure gauge would be at the store. I meant to ask but i forgot right away. Ill go back and rent it and check the pressure at various points.
I suppose i won't be able to look at pressure while driving right?

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