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Default Re: Trying to find info on the 07/08 bon jovi edition outlook

Originally Posted by onefunkar View Post
i looked it up and found just what you said. just curious what is different to make it bon jovi? badging?

There is a badge, there is also some insignia on the upholstery. I'm hoping I can manage to find a bit more info.

My husband and friend tore out the headliner yesterday to fix any leaks. Whoever decided to do leaking fixes on it before was an absolute idiot. They spent 4 hours peeling off the headliner they decided to spray around the moonroof. They'd really done a number on it and on the rubber tubing.... they also decided to put duct tape around the air bags in there he said. We think that might take care of that. I'm tempted to go run it through a car was so that I don't find out its leaking on the kids when I take it on the road next week for its first long journey with the little ones. Unfortunately, the service airbag light is still on even after all the at home fixes I found. I made an appt for Tuesday so that I can get the airbags looked at. I noticed the parking break light isn't coming on either so I guess that's on my list. I guess the good news is that, for the moment, we haven't found too many other huge surprises... yet.


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