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Default Possibly bad cat or cps

Hey guys! I recently noticed my engine revving up randomly in second and third gear about 500 rpm and I'm also throwing a code that is potentially the cat hopefully it just needs to be cleaned but I was wonderful if the cps would cause all of these running issues? I am getting semi hard shifts after changing all fluids and the engine may be vibrating enough to move my passenger mirror at a stop. Just really unsure how I can get everything in optimal condition...

Here's where I add too much this is the entire service record of the car since the secind owner since I not really sure if anything else besides the cps is needed. I'm certain the ects was replaced based on how it acts.

Control arms and ball joints, tires,inner and outer tie rods,alternator,water pump,frint wheel bearings,valve cover gasket, power steering pump,brake pads and rotors,battery,ac compressor condenser expansion valve and dryer,tensioner I del pull and seriptide belt, fan motor,starter,radiator,hoses,thermostat,rear brakes and hardware

Based on all the info I have I just need to patch my exhaust leak and replace my sway bar since my front pops bad on bumps and high speed stops and it'd not the struts quite yet...of course currently I see a problem with the cps that could make something good go or maybe I'm being paranoid lol.

Thanks for the read I love you guys for being here and igniting my passion for the saturn brand


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