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Default Re: One Car Two Transmissions Same Problem

I would like to thank everyone that replied and tried to help me resolve my issues with this car but I'm throwing in the towel.

Car is still banging hard in reverse and stuck in high gear. I confirmed that the ten wire connector is wired in properly, replaced the TTS and cleaned the connector. I installed and remarried the PCM, all my solenoids in the VB are functioning properly. Still same results so I'm done. the car runs great so I think I'm going to park it and do a manual swap later down the road.

The Saturn is my main transportation to take my daughter to school and get to work. My wife borrowed a car from her father and I have been stuck driving her gas guzzling expedition (I drive 80 miles or so everyday) so it sucks.

Just because I'm done with this Saturn doesn't mean I'm dropping out of the Saturn club. This is my second Saturn and I had such good luck with my first one that I'm not going to let the current car leave a bad taste in my mouth. I'm currently on the hunt for another Saturn however I think I'm going to go with a manual trans this time.

Thanks again
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