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Default Re: Have You Experienced the Ignition Switch Issue?

Originally Posted by Ignatz View Post
I got my ignition done today. Like 2007_ion2 they gave me a new key set. Yeah, it looks different as noted: no logo and only a hole, not a slit. But, heck, its otherwise the same key! I tried my old key and it still worked the ignition and it started the vehicle. So why the new key? Just to be nice?
What fdryer said is spot-on. Technically, they're supposed to take all of your old keys for this reason. They don't want you using the slotted key to avoid future litigation. The dealer that serviced mine, however, only kept the one key that I gave them with the car. Fortunately, I gave them the crappy generic replacement key and saved my saturn logo key, which still works. I find myself using the new ones, anyway.

I wish the new keys had the saturn logo, but beggars can't be choosers.

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