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Default Re: Have You Experienced the Ignition Switch Issue?

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion 1 with a 2.0L engine. The vehicle was bought used in Dec 2009. There is no pwr equipment on vehicle other than pwr str. I had received recall on ignition switch and had it done 6/2014. I had never experienced the problem, (e.g. ignition turning off while driving) even though I have five items on a separating key chain that I drove with.
About the time I had the ignition recall work done I began to experience the loss of pwr str while driving. After car is parked and turned off then restarted pwr str comes back but will drift out again. Just after the problem started I received a recall notice from GM. They say they will replace the pwr str motor as soon as the part becomes available. Its been over a month and still no word that the part is available. Parenthetically, back in 2012, I received a letter from GM alluding to the problem on some cars and extending the warrantee on that part (pwr str motor) to 10 years or 150,000 miles. The letter further cautioned that unless you were experiencing the problem, don't take it to the dealer. This same problem, pwr str motor, occurred on the Chev Cobalt and Pont G something or other and GM changed them on those cars so the improve part is available. I found two GM parts dealers (one in Texas and one in Florida) selling them on ebay and I have yet to hear from GM that the part is available and get in to the dealer for replacement! In the mean time, let me tell you that steering without that pwr assist is difficult especially turning at intersections and into my driveway as you've slowed down to make the turn. PL


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