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Default trans concerns any model.. a primer

hello ,for those of you who don't know me .im satlite440. I am a gm certified master auto trans tec,an ase master certified tech in all 9 catagorys.i wanted to put out a basic primer for those of you with trans concerns regardless of model regarding fluid mantinace and repairs...

lets start with fluid level and should be without saying be at the full mark.the fluid should be doesn't consider the fluid hot until you have driven 20 miles or exceeded 125 degrees. the engine should be running and the car on level some of you know and if you didn't if you have the 4t40e there is a drain plug to pull while the engine is running at the pointy end of the pan about 4 bolts back from the pointy end next to the oil pan side is an 11mm plug,taat's,6t70's have a stick 6t40's have a 11mm plug to pull..sticks should be at the full line hot again if unsure of temp check it after you drive 20 miles..trans fluid expands when hot to almost 1/2 it.s volume.NEVER use the engine temp gage to guess where the fluid temp is.. on 6t40's and 4t40's you pull the plug out and there should be a slight dribble coming out at hot ck.. if none comes out add some..

lets talk about condition

red /bright red that is what we want
redish brown.sligh oldish smell..ok but should think about service
dark brownish if you have a 5 or 6 spd and more than 60k on the fluid this is normal due to the higher heat generated by fluid shearing..if's a taat or 4 spd this is not good and should be changed unless there is a burnt smell if there is a burnt odor no mater how faint save your penneys

black with a burnt odd smell for those of you who have never smelled it pull yours or your neighbors stick and smell it so you have a referacnce to go off of.but let me assure you once you have smelt burnt cluch in the atf you will never forget it,especialy 4spd's..

fluid changes. we we all do as we like.i still follow gm old school and go 2 yrs or 60k for my own cars...I don't care what the book says

..I personaly will use a flush machine on my cars. wins or bg machines are ok,the down side is the filter never gets changed,however the taat,6t70 ,5at and vt25 all have internal filters that cannot be sevice without removal and teardown,the semi exception the taat has an auxillery spin on filter to protect the main internal filter... so unless you have the 4t40 or the 4t65 a filter change is a moot point..but if you can it never hurts..

drain&fill an ok thing to do,you can for the most part do it youself.the down side you can not get all the old fluid out,you mix new and old fluid the you have to do it again...a flush macine is loaded with 12 qts..and put inline to the cooler and run a drain and fill will never be as clean a fluid change as a flush...

now lets talk about a trannys life.. they don't last for ever,nothing does..if it starts shifting weird,slips,flares intermitantly by all means if you have never changed the fluid by all means give it a shot.. if the problem persists..there is an internal problem.if your fluid has been changed regularly well pinch those penneys..the pistons are what squeeze the cluch packs together to make the go..the lip seals of the piston are bonded rubber they only have so many apply's in there service life.also as we get higher milage on our trannys the bushing start to wear this creates excess play and now scarf seals and other seals loose the ability to hold pressure..that equals burnt cluch
and loss of a gear..

now lets talk about repairs

#1 run from anyone who says they have to open it up to see whats wrong,a good trans tech can tell you why and where the problem is with out teardown with a scantool and a road test..if they can't do that,you don't want them to work on a tranny

#2`rebuilding high milage units will always be more than the original quote,this is not a rip is a matter of until it is scatterd across the bench.there is no way short of a crystal ball to know how many bearings,bushing need to be replaced along with the overhaul seal&gasket kit plus the pistons and cluch fibers and steel sets,not to menton the labor.

this is the reason used trannys are a fair choice for strapped budgets,also for those of you rolling the venerable sl1's&2's.i have discovered while overhauling the taat in the 01 sl1 I bought for my oldest daughter to learn to drive on and have..the roller bearings are discontinued this means that soon they will go the way of the dodo I scrounged for 2 weeks to find some and I was luck I have a good network and a budy at another trans shop was able to hook me up so you are only rebuilt units or super high milage units will be your only choice..

I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ablitys to help forum members...good luck

shure you can trust the government,just ask us indians all about it...

heavy line the final protective fire line of the dealership


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