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Default URGENT: Old Nuc I need help!

So here's what I did with the car today, what happened, all sorts of good info. I'm lookin for some help...

So installed the Napa fuel filter, replacd oil and tranny fluid and both filters. I also swapped out my belt tensioner. Fluid levels are good. Tank was basically empty. A 40 some odd liter tank and I put in 40L...Car started and ran with no issues

So drove about 10 km to gas station, filled up. Have used this gas station many times with no problems.

Got on highway. Gentle driving, no gunning it. After about 100kmh or so, the accelerator pedal got stuck while I was accelerating. I gave it a bit of a kick and it unstuck...however, car started shuddering and loosing power. Pulled over, and ya, crazy misfire! Engine light ended up flashing at me, so I shut it off and just towed it back to my workspace...

Now...I don't have ym scanner so I can't pull the codes. I am going to check spark, my plugs, as well as do a compression test. Any ideas? I can't rally do any intensive diag on it till next weekend...but it almost sees like I lost a valve. So far I basically just checked over the work I did...fuel filter isn't leaking, all fluids good, belt and tension are good.

Will I see anything by pulling off the valve cover? Anything else I can do tonight? Any possibilities?

Thanks...I'm hoping I just need to tp up my blinker fluid or somethin...


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