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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Thank you for the great story and all you've done with this valuable site. In just the past 6 months this site has saved me well over $1,000 on my '07 Vue. I found out here that my wheel bearings were under warranty even with 47,000 miles on the vehicle (something no GM dealer would say to me when I called asking about estimates for the work) and I found a couple great posts about fixing a seized rear window wiper motor which I was able to fix myself.

My Saturn history includes a '92 SL-1, '94 SL-2, '04 Vue V6 AWD, and '07 Vue V6 FWD. I bought the '07 when I heard Saturn was dumping the polymer panels in '08even though we were happy with our '04....I wanted the newest polymer paneled Honda V6 vehicle I could have. I was a 30-year GM man until GM finally did this to Saturn.....we now have our Mazda 3 that we love, a Corvette I've had for 25 years, and our '07 Vue. My next car will probably be a Mazda whether we are replacing the Mazda 3 with another or replacing the Vue with a CX-7 years from now. Bubye GM......oh, and our closest Saturn dealer is now a Kia dealership.

2007 Vue V6 FWD
2005 Mazda3 5-door (zoomzoom)
1984 Corvette


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