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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

While a bit late in seeing this entry from Charlie, I too must add my thanks for one of the best forums on the internet. Many others often have "members" who are rude and very critical of new people who just need information. That was VERY rare here. The members here could also be described as Saturn was, different.

I stumbled on this site several years after my wife and I purchased our first Saturn in 1995 from Saturn of Memphis. I too had studied the brand for a few years before buying my first Saturn. We still have that 1995 SL-2 and is still driven daily. It is approaching 280,000 miles and is still a reliable car, a true testiment to the Saturn goal of inexpensive, reliable, easily maintained cars.

My Saturn store, Saturn of Memphis was the first Saturn retailer to break ground and the second to open. They hung in there as long as possible. However with the official closing of Saturn by GM, they too have now ceased to operate as Saturn. The temporary signs cover the old Saturn signs and logos announcing that they are now a Saab dealership.

The parts manager, who I have known since 1995, still works there and said that they will continue to sell what remaining OEM Saturn parts they have untill they are gone. However, since they are no longer an official GM Saturn retailer, they will not be able to order anything. Saturn support, warranty work and parts have now been moved down the street to the Buick dealership. How sad.

I will continue to drive my 1999 SC-2 and my wife will continue to drive the 95 SL-2 as long as we can get parts to keep them running safely. My biggest concern and fear is the day when parts will become impossible to find OR some idiot demonstrates the typical Memphis driving habits and totals one of them. There is no way I will ever be able to replace either of them. An insurance settlement for a total loss would never come close to buying another on IF I could find a used one that is in good shape. And I will apologize in advance to those who like other car brands out there but I just don't think there will ever be a car out there that can compete with what my "S" were and still are.

Thanks for the ride Charlie

1999 SC-2 280,000 miles -mine now also dead, RIP
1995 SL-2 296,000 miles - my wifes totaled, RIP
1993 Chevrolet S-10 Pick-up - mine
2003 Harley Davidson Low Rider - mine


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