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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Many thanks to all that you have done with this site, you have saved myself countless hours in repairs alone, as well as making some life long friends introduced thru the site.

When we (wife and I ) started this it was with a 94 SL1. We gave up on it after 275,000+ miles, because it needed a new air conditioner condenser (figured after 13 years it was time for a new car). Then there was my 97 SC1, after 187,000, it was still running strong, but when we traded in the SL1 the wife got an '04 REDLINE and after driving that for a little while I had to have one too! I couldn't let go of the 97 though, my (just starting to drive) daughter and I did a total rebuilt on the engine and a major suspension update and she drives it now. Thanks to the site the few questions we had were answered here.

We are both still driving the '04's, both are blue, one with a gray pin stripe, one with a red pin stripe, both are just solid as they can be...we cruise the north dallas area daily, so if you think you see us give us a REV or a BEEP.

Thanks for the years, I have no idea when these will be traded off but I dont think that it will be for a few years considering our past experience with other cars vs. these.

I will check in periodically as always, THANK YOU AGAIN for all you've done and Saturn, you will be missed. .j.


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