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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Thanks for running such a great site!

I owned a 2006 ION Redline, a 1996 SC2, and convinced my parents to purchase an Outlook and a VUE as well. My brother owns a Chevy, my grandfather only bought Buicks, my sister owned a Pontiac, my uncle owns a Corvette and a Trailblazer, and my mother worked at two different GM dealers. Needless to say, we've been a GM family for a long time.

After my Saturn dealer closed, my car was still under warranty so I had it serviced at two different Chevy dealers. It wasn't until then that I realized how different Saturn really was from the rest of GM's offerings. I gave both dealers an honest shot at meeting my expectations, but both fell way short. In fact, my experience was so negative that I decided that my Redline, which I loved, would be my last GM car. I moved on to a Subaru, and from what I can read, I am not the only ex-Saturn owner who has moved to other imports.

Interestingly, my brother, who owns a Chevy, couldn't understand my disappointment. He then went on to tell me all the horror stories of dealing with his dealership and the quality of his car! I suppose there is the domestic buyer who expects little, who will probably keep buying the cheaper domestics, and there are the import buyers (some of which who bought Saturns) who will immediately go right back to Honda and Toyota.

While I don't think it was a bad idea to close Saturn, it is clear that GM still doesn't understand that it can sell more cars and have more loyal customers by focusing on more than just the quality of the car. In some respects, they are back where they were in 1990 with aging dealerships, a middling lineup, and customers who, if loyal, are loyal for the wrong reasons (i.e. because their cars are cheaper). The problem with these types of customers is that they follow the dollar and as soon as a cheaper car comes out, they are gone.

From what I understand Saturn from the beginning was a bit of a rogue effort which probably came about because GM didn't want to change their ways and improve their core brands. It probably would have made more sense in retrospect to try for a spin-off much earlier in the brand's life-cycle, but I doubt that really would have happened.

As an American, I really want to see our economy grow, and I would really want to increase exports and see more domestic cars on the road. I think all Saturn really did was prove that a new, better run car company can be very successful. Only GM can be blamed for not allowing Saturn to become the runaway success it could have been with more regular model updates and advertising support. Maybe instead of infusing the dinosaurs with money, the government would have been better off supporting new domestic car companies.

Who knows. It was fun while it lasted! Thanks for all the memories, SaturnFans!

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