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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

The week before Christmas, my Saturn went into a coma (I thought it was a permanent death, but it wasn't) on one of the busiest streets in Philly, during a snwstorm, in rush hour traffic. The battery died, while I was driving it. (Bad six-month old battery, not a bad car.)

Hubby and I are disabled, so living on Social Secuity Disability. When we were both working and bought our 1994 Saturn, in 1995, we bought it, because I totaled our previous car. With that, we bought the Saturn specifically for its "crashability" and the ease of changing parts - including panels - when the time came after a crash. (Again, we live in Phlly, so it's never a question of if someone will do something stupid to cause a crash, it's a question of when.)

I'm still happy with our car - not what it used to look like, but we've never needed major repairs on it, of any kind, in 15 years. You can't beat that.

Now, Saturn is over, as a brand. Soon it will be over for parts. We're on disability. We won't be buying another car - ever. It's a good, sturdy car; completely American made; and not embarassing to be seen in, even 15 years later. I think GMs choice to kill it off is a big mistake. We're also in big doo-doo, when it really dies. No replacement parts! Bad business decision at too many people's expense.

If the winning lottery ticket blows in my hand (I don't waste my money on them and have about the same odds of one blowing in my hand), and we can buy another car sometime in the future, there will be one other condition a car needs to have for me to buy it (safety and looks are always going to be on my list) - it won't be from GM. I'd go back to Ford - the only Big 3, who didn't need government help to stay afloat. If nothing else can be said positively about Ford, at least they didn't leave their customers and employees in the lurch.

Still love the car. I just don't like GM for doing this.


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