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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

1994 Sc2 in aquamarine
1995 Sw2 in Gold
1996 Sl2 became the 97's parts car
1997 Sl2 in that lovely green
2000 ls1 currently installing rebuilt head
Ive worked on them since 1997, and my wagon has 193k on it, i have a lot of Saturn customers i know by name soon as i see them, worked for Saturn of Haverhill, Portsmouth ,and Lowell,all the (same owner). Lou Lucier one of our Haverhill customers also made an appearance in a Saturn ad. Its really Sad it was like having an extended family. I got to train in spring hill at the time the Vue was born and got to see the innerworkings of research and development,saw the lost foam casting technique, and even got to see the techline people and meet some of them i had talked to over the phone in the past, at that time they were phasing that out and going to a generic GM tech line, having a saturn specific tech line meant no egos to deal with and true help!
Was looking forward to the new Saturn with the penske deal, hoping it would go back to the Saturn values of some sort while introducing new ideas to revive the brand. Im sorry to all of my Saturn customers who have to deal with the old school way GM is doing things, specially customers who came to us after having to bring their saturns in for warranty work at a GM dealer and got less than stellar treatment, wanting us to still work on their warranty stuff and they said they would pay just please fix it. Ill miss them, Thank you to all the Saturn customers!


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