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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

I cannot say enough of how many times this site has helped me keep my Saturns running. Charlie, you have done a fantastic job on this site. The members that post here are very knowledgeable and their contributions are
what make the site the #1 auto site on the web. The tech sections are an unbelievable resource.

As for the Saturn brand I always loved the Brand. We started with a 1998
Saturn SL2 5 speed. It was a great car and had 225,000 on it when I sold it.
I learned, from this site, how to repair it well and it looked as good as it ran.
That first buying experience was great. The dealership in those days did a new car "Launch" and handed us the keys. We enjoyed our dealer experience too. We had that car 12 years and have fond memories of it.

In 2002, I purchased a 2003 Vue. My Wife loved that car. We had it a couple of years but it had problems--low power issues--twice. I had it fixed and decided to sell it and go with the one car, at that time.

A few years later I bought a used SL, 5 speed for $1500. The car had 140K on it. I updated the car service mantenance wise and drove it two years and 90,000 miles before I traded it in for my 2004 Vue. That SL averaged 40 mpg when gas was $4.00 a gallon. I enjoyed fixing it, but my Wife wanted another Vue so I traded this SL in for her 2004 Vue we have today.

This 2004 Vue has been a cream puff similiar to my first 1998 SL2. Runs great and except for regular maintenance no issues. Has 100,000 miles on it now and still runs like new.

We will run the Vue as long as possible. I went out and bought a 2006 Buick LaCrosse--which I love immensely.

If I ever run across a used SL2 that isin't trashed and the price is right I would probably buy it. The problem where I live is all Saturns are not cheap in my area.

Just recently my Daughter bought a 2005 Ion 2. Here again this forum helped me understand the ignition switch problem I would have never discovered otherwise if not for this site.

Thanks go out to Charlie and all the great members you contribute so much to this site. I hope you keep this site up forever....

Previously Owned 98 SL2, Sold
98 SL, Sold
When your Saturn is well kept YOU are well kept.

Second Car: Buick LaCrosse 2006


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