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Idea Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

I am going to protest, Charlie. You are a gentleman and an all around great guy. We (my son and I) met when you were picking up your new VUE. But you are wrong about Saturn being dead. Saying "Goodbye" now makes no sense to me.

It is true that there are no NEW Saturns are being produced. So we only have like 2 million of them still on the roads. This is hardly what I would describe as dead. And when a Saturn Fan needs a repair reference, they will come here because of the blood sweat tears poured in to this site by THOUSANDS of contributors. Some are more notable than others. There are several rebuild threads are here that are a huge assistance to those willing to get their hands dirty... Please people never let that spirit of co-operation die. It is a Saturn trait. “Friendliness” rules! (I don't see that on other forums like this one has it.)

It was a different kind of Car Company indeed! It replaced cars that had the wrong coolant in them, with another new car! It gave you a money back guarantee! It did not operate like a typical car dealership; they helped you find your right car. It always built cars that were a good value at a reasonable content! They introduced nice and CLEAN WAITING AREAS! Thank you Saturn Corp for doing things right! It was a hard ride for the Saturn “dealership idea”. But, the Saturn stores changed the way many other dealerships operated and looked. That Saturn influence will never die. Yet the stores are now officially gone.

Saturn now lives in the hands and hearts of their owners. It is not dead. IMO, Saturn is not just about the dealerships, or the buying experience, or the service, but it is mostly the about the car. It's different kind of car. All of the Saturn products through the years sought to be unique. And those Saturn cars will be on the roads for another 25 five years. So, Saturn is not dead yet. This site is not dead. We have a second generation of Saturn fans to raise. Let’s get to it.

Peace to you my friend, Andrew.

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