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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Originally Posted by homerec130 View Post

Just another satisfied Saturn owner who wants to say thank you. Thank you for allowing us to have a place to ask questions, show our knowledge (and lack thereof) as well as vent and rejoice. We bought our first Saturn in 1996 as we were fed up with the other US auto manufacturers. We found our local Saturn dealership to be a fun place to go, where we were always welcome and greeted as friends. Right from day one. That one 1996 SC2 GL ended up being the first of many Saturns.

Once again, many thanks Charlie, and if you need help keeping this valuable resource up and running, let us know. Besides, I think it will still be fin to say "We told you so" when they try to reinvent the wheel again.

Oh, here is my complete Saturn History

1996 SC2, Silver, 5 Speed
1999 SC2, Dark Purple, Auto (Lease)
2001 L200, Silver, (Lease)
2003 Vue 2.4L, 5 speed
2004 Vue 2.4L, Auto (VTI)
2006 Vue 3.5L, Auto (Replaced the 03 - Got tired of driving a stick)
2008 Vue 3.6 XR Auto (Replaced to 04 before the VTI died)

(Pardon me if I got some of the particulars a little off, but that's what happens when get older.)
Well said, Paul! And thanks, Charlie! I thought I was going to live and die with Saturn vehicles. I purchased my first Saturn, a 2004 Ion, in January 2004 (on my birthday), after not being able to find a car locally I wanted and having experienced a Saturn first-hand (my mom had purchased a 1994 Saturn and she had it until it was totaled @ 200K!). A year later, we were expecting baby #3 and I traded in my 2004 Ion for a blue 2005 Vue. Six months later, it was totaled in a (add the http and www part to;su=user;cat=86;u=2076) collision on the freeway (only seatbelt and air bag injuries in my vehicle) which prompted me to go get another Vue...this time, a slightly used silver 2004 Vue. Sadly, it died September 10th, 2010, in a (add the http and www part to;su=user;cat=86;u=2076) rollover (I was side-swiped at an intersection and landed upside down; again, though, only seat belt injuries AND of course, I had just paid it off a month before!!!). I tried to find another used Vue but there were none in the area that were in a decent enough shape mechanically for me. So I now have a (add the http and www part to;su=user;cat=85;u=2076[) 2010 Nissan cube. However, my husband still has his steel gray 2005 Ion! So, we're still in the "family"!



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