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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)


Many thanks for your work on this site over the years. While I was not a frequent contributor, this was my go-to source of information during the demise of the Saturn brand.

Like you, I was "in" on Saturn from the very beginning. My wife was working for GM in the 80s and 90s, and a number of our friends made the move to Spring Hill to give birth to the brand.

Three Saturns later, we're still loyal, although that loyalty has been tested over the past couple years. Many of our old Saturn techs and salespeople didn't survive the move to the Chevy dealer (who doesn't even offer car washes anymore!). Some incentive programs have us looking elsewhere for our next vehicle (still down the road aways). However, my 21 year old son wants a VUE to replace the '98 SW2 we sold him (affectionately known as "The Bucket").

A recent event attests to both the staying power of the brand and the lame-brained decision to end it: My wife was driving our newest Saturn, an '09 Aura, a couple weeks ago. She wound up getting in front of a guy who seemed to be driving aggressively, tailgating and seemingly trying to weave around her. When the road opened to two lanes, he roared up beside her as they both came to a stoplight. She was a little worried as he rolled down his window and gestured to her. She cracked hers down just far enough to hear him ask "Where did you get that BEAUTIFUL car?"

Live on Saturn!

Thanks again, Charlie.


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