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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

I, unfortunately, came late to the Saturn party. My husband and I purchased a 2007 Outlook after a visit to the Chicago Auto Show in early 2007. At 6 foot 10 inches, we go in order for him to try on cars every few years. The Outlook was a hit as soon as he got in the driver's seat and our son, all 6 foot seven of him, sat comfortably behind the driver's seat. SOLD!

After some bad experience with ordering our car from one Saturn dealer (an anomolie, I'm sure), we happened upon Saturn of Racine (WI). I have never dealt with any car dealer who made me feel so at home and a part of the family. If I brought my grandson with me, they helped me with the stroller. If I wanted coffee or tea or donuts or Fox News, they were always there for me. They hosted a pizza party for new owners. They were worth every INCH of the 53-mile drive to get there.

We were sick when the contraction of the dealer group forced closure of Racine. We went to another dealer in the group because the service manager had moved there (just a few miles further in Greenfield).

Then came the painful, final blow - Saturn would be no more. I have no problem dealing with the Chevrolet member of the group that is close to where Saturn of Racine was, but I frown when I pass the old, empty place I liked so much. The service manager from Racine works at the Chevy dealer and that is the only reason I still drive over 50 miles one way to get my Outlook serviced.

I will care for this car as long as humanly possible, but I will NOT buy another GM car until the federal government gets out of the automobile business. If GM can't run a profitable business and the unions won't let them, then it will be Fords for us in the forseeable future (witness the fact that we have just purchased a 2011 Edge to replace my husband's Dodge Dakota (we won't be buying Chrysler products, either)

Goodbye, Saturn - I appreciate your style, both on the drawing board and in the dealerships.

Debby in Illinois

Debby in Illinois

2007 Outlook XR Gold Mist
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