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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Geez Charlie and the group, I really am at a loss for words, except to thank you Charlie for providing this place for us and to thank all of the members for all of their help via there posts, which have all been immensely useful and helpful.

Our two Saturns, an '02 SL2 and an '04 Ion Level 2 are still our daily drivers. They have without a doubt been the most reliable vehicles we have ever owned, the SL2 having 131k miles and it has had a couple of back yard brake jobs and a water pump replaced. The Ion2 was a junk yard find that 25k miles when I got it. It had damaged door panels, rear quarter panel, rear bumper cover, rear axle and front hub assembly replaced to make it road worthy again. It now has 76k miles and other than the ignition switch white wire being clipped, it has been reliable as the SL2 and has never had anything done to it other than regular oil changes and oil and air filter changes. The SL2 will get a new battery today and the Ion2 got one last week. We are blessed with a combination that can't be beat.

We had often looked at the Auras and the Vues, but will be looking elsewhere now when it comes time to do some car shopping. I guess that GM's 'experiment' was a success, it sure changed our lives in a positive way and rescued us from the clutches of Ford and Chrysler. Not really sure where we will go from here now, maybe we will follow my mother's lead again (she went through two SC2s and loved them) and go KIA I guess...... who knows. Her Optima has been a great car for her, but, it sure isn't that dream Aura I have wanted since I first saw one on the interstate.

Anyway, before I get any more long winded than I have and before I get all mushy and teary eyed..... thanks Charlie and all of the rest of the gang. I will continue to pick through the posts here for help if or when I need to to keep our little pair of Saturns running.

Best wishes for a very happy and prosperous New Year to all!



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