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Happy Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Are we sure the fat lady has sung? I recently had my Aura XR in for a reprogramming of the tire pressure sensors. Printing the paperwork took longer than the whole programming procedure. I again expressed my deep disappointment that Saturn was history. The service manager said, "There's still hope; there are a couple of things in the works." I said, "Maybe Penske is still interested." He replied, "Could be but there are other things that might work out."

Who knows? I hope someone with some cash and a brain cell will realize what a proud brand Saturn is and should continue to be. My service manager later said, "I've worked with this dealership for over 20 years and Saturn owners are the most loyal and satisfied customers I've ever seen." Amen.

I hope the brand will be continued somehow. But if it is not, rest assured I will drive my Saturn until it disintegrates. I'm in my early 60s and have owned 32 cars, all but 3 bought brand-new - Pontiacs (oops), Oldsmobiles (oops again), Chevys, Opels, a Fiat, a Ford (ugh), a Nissan and two Hondas. My Saturn's absolutely the most satisfying vehicle I've ever owned. Indeed, it has been a great ride.


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