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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

My experience with Saturn overall was excellent. The dealership where I bought my Aura and Astra from was very, very friendly. Every time I would come in to get my cars maintained, they treated me like a king!

Now when GM decided to drop Saturn, a letter was sent to me where the closest Chevy dealership would take care of me and man, that was a bust. Going in, treated like a "oh he's a Saturn guy, not one of our loyal Chevy customers" person, and since I was new, they didn't even show me where the waiting area was. Because of this transition experience, I found a way to move on from the Aura and the Astra to another pair of vehicles where I can get full support instead of partial support.

Me and wifey loved both vehicles and as we traded both in for our new cars, it was bittersweet. We would even check out the dealership's website to see if the cars were still up for sale, lol.

Anyway, I wish everybody good luck and good fortune.

2008 Astra XR
2007 Aura XE
2004 Cayenne S


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