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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Wow - At first I thought this was Charlie saying that he was shutting down the site or something.

Charlie - we first interacted online before you had a website, back on the Saturn "listserver". It was hosted on a college server somewhere - wasn't it UCSD?

I had joined that list in 93, just before buying my first Saturn, a used 92 SL2. Blue-Black, 5-speed, teardrop rims, and a spoiler. By late 95 I was trading it in on a brand new 96 SC2, after buying my wife a new 95 SW2 6 months before. I still miss those cars, but we got alot of life out of them before moving on.

We drove the 95 SW2 to Spring Hill for Homecoming 2 (the sequel!). I was bummed that I couldn't go to the first one. It was so hot my wife and daughter nearly passed out!

And sometime around there I sent you all my pics from the NY auto show when the L-series was first shown. And not long after that we bought an LW200 - which we still own (over 170K), and I can honestly say has been the most reliable car we've ever had - bar none.

It's been a fun ride. But to me, Saturn died a few years ago when the products were no longer unique, but just re-badged GM stuff. I felt they could have done so much more. But GM just didn't get it.

So hats off to you Charlie, and keep this site going as long as you can. It's worth it, and even if we don't say so - everyone appreciates your efforts.


2001 LW200 (4th saturn owned) 258K+ Miles!
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Gone on to other owners: 92 SL2, 95 SW2, 96 SC2


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