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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

With 347k miles on my 95 SL it's hard to imagine people turned away from the brand. I've driven it to every state one can drive to, lived in it for months at a time, did a perfect 180 on a gravel road for a local commercial, kissed every girl I've ever kissed in (or at least on the hood of) it, been rear ended, watched it get destroyed by softball hail only to bring it back as it has always brought me back, no matter where we were from high mountain dirt roads to Galveston beaches. The car is beat to hell, but it runs nice and it's seen me through almost half my life. I lost the picture of me buying the car a long time ago, but I still have the car, like an old buddy, he may not be the best chick magnet, but if someone doesn't like him, they're not worth the time.


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