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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

A heartfelt thank you for this column and for the many years of work behind this site. We have never met but I can say that you and Al Clapsaddle and so many more of the Saturn Fans family influenced my life as you supported my decision to purchase Saturn vehicles.

Even in the darkest moments of the company's history, when I turned every day to this site for information and reassurance, the site steadied my hand and helped me make a decision to purchase a 2008 Vue Hybrid - a car that has been flawless in operation. There were some regular site members who questioned that decision. To those members I can now say that the purchase was no less successful than my purchase of a 2002 Vue (from a Spring Hill production line only weeks old) or prior to that of a new 1995 SW2. As this holiday gas prices crested a penny below the three dollar high water mark, my pride in ownership has never been higher.

As the years of reading this website have progressed so has my personal life. I purchased my 1995 SW2 as the car to safely transport a new baby who this year is a teenager with her own drivers license. As I now consider cars to purchase for her after she departs for college, the choice is obvious. Her mother and I will only feel good about her driving a Saturn with a protective space frame, exceptional fuel economy and poly panels which will hold their looks even in the dent prone college parking lots that she will use. Our Saturn family story goes on and on.

Before closing I should mention that like you and the many of the true fans of the this brand, I too have influenced others to buy Saturn. One of these people is a certified Cadillac mechanic who had always envied my Saturn vehicles. One day in 2007 after working on one of my vehicles, he made up his mind to buy one for himself. Even with the demise of the brand he too proudly points to four Saturn products within his family that he was partially responsible for buying. So for his family and for mine and for the many other families that I encountered on your website (and even before that on the Yahoo Groups site) I offer my thanks for a job well done.

Scott P.
Lilburn, Georgia
1995 SW2 (sold at 260k miles)
2002 Vue (still going strong at 160k miles)
2008 Vue (a youngster at 46k miles)


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