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Default Re: Where have you gone in your VUE?

Well, our Vue had to travel a pretty long way just to get to us and the dealer so we could buy it. So, Spring Hill TN to Honolulu, HI. In fact, we bought it while it was still in transit. Once we transferred back to the mainland it followed us to Seattle, WA. Shortly thereafter it was a 4200 mile round trip to the Midwest. Oh, we have driven to Oregon for a weekend getaway, but nothing like we did the fall of 2003 to the Wisconsin.

Love the heated leather seats and sunroof. I really like the Opel based V6 since it is basically the same engine I have in our 2000 LS2.

Oh, the LS2? Wisconsin to Long Beach, CA and then on the boat to Hawaii. Then from Hawaii on a boat to Seattle. From that point in Seattle in 2003 it hasn't departed the state, but wow did it stretch it's legs before then.

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