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Default PCM? What else could it possibly be?

I have a '94 SL1 with a 5 speed manual trans that at first glance appears to have the classic Saturn high idle (1200 -1400 rpm) except that it refuses to be fixed. Instead of posting the entire horror story which would take more space then most would care to read I will skip the 6 months of code reading etc. and will list breifly what has been replaced or done. Hopefully someone will see something I have missed. Replaced....ECTS (twice), ECTS wiring, thermostat, TPS, IAC, EGR valve, EGR solenoid, Intake gasket, MAP sensor and most vacuum lines. Labor.....Proved there are no vacuum leaks by using a smoke machine, removed and cleaned throttle body, Cleaned or replaced every connection at sensors.
None of the sensors were replaced without having a code indicating it to be a problem at the time. I did find multiple vacuum leaks at first but to my suprise fixing them didn't help at all. The idle does sometimes go higher and stay there untill I come to a complete stop. IDoes anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to test the PCM?


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