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Default 2011 Aura

I went with my friend to test drive a 2011 Buick Regal. This is the car that would have been the 2011 Aura. It is a beauty. I rode in it, I chose not to drive it since I was afraid it might be an expensive test drive.

While I think my 2009 Aura XR 4 is a great car, the Regal is a significant upgrade. For example, its stock tires are 18" Michelin Pilots vs the Aura's 17" Firestones. The underbody is coated with a heavy plastic undercoating - this seems to be standard on German cars.

My Aura is solid and quiet. The regal seems to be more so.

The Regal is 150 lbs heavier and its 4 cyl engine is tuned for higher power than the Aura, but fuel economy is down 10%.

Country of origin information on the sticker:
Final assembly: Germany
Engine: United States
Transmission: China

The manufacturer's plate on the door sill reads "Oscar Opel - Russelheim Germany"

Initial cars will be built in germany. Next year North American production will start in Ontario.

The dealer seems to think he will sell the cars at list.

I've started using my GM credit card again


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