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Default Re: Flashback Friday: When GM Gave Birth to Saturn

Hear ya there, SalemCat, a sentiment that is shared by many. Had they left well enough alone, there's a good chance Saturn would still be here, and a strong contributor to GM's coffers. The designs, facility, and all were paid off in 1994. With a freshening up of the interior and exterior trim every once in a while, and the never ending engineering changes to emissions parts, the S could still be in production today. So many people just loved the S car and how straightforward it was, and still want new ones to replace their high mileage, aging ones...which are often handed down to another family member because they still run, drive, and look fine. What shocked me was when GM decided to replace the J body platform and did not go to copies of the S series. With all the advantages of a true spaceframe with polymer panels, that would have been an easy interchange, since you can literally drive one of these around with no body on it. Make your interior and outer skins Chevy or whatever, and still have all the selling points. I do like my Ion, but in total sum I would rather be driving a 2004 SC2. The Vue was a good addition to the line, but from there, it all sort of led to the reasoning that GM and their reinholders used to ultimately kill us. At least they got use of us as a public testbed, but all the publicity fanfare heaped upon the 2008 Malibu for winning NA Car of the Year and the Aura doing so a year before without but one commercial comes to mind as an indicator of where the resources were allotted. Not that we were ever a glitzy type of outfit, but still...

Guess when "different" could not be left what it was, it joined the rest in front of the firing line. Funny how you heard the government say they did not want GM to keep doing "business as usual" after taking money. They had a division that didn't, had loyal customers who, even after they forced us away from our solid, utilitarian, easy-to-own roots kept coming back and buying whatever we had to offer, but still chose to pitch all the enthusiasm they earned through a good product and fair, straightforward interaction with customers. And every single S was made right here in the USA, something that is now back in fashion...

A different kind of parts in a bow tie!


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