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Default Re: Welcome ImSaturn Members

Beg to differ there, Puma. Domestically, the Ion platform was ours first, Outlook platform was ours well as the aforementioned Aura. Can you really call the original a clone? And the Ecotec 2.2L L61 engine in the 05 Vues dates back to 2002, in the Cavalier. Yes, they were all GM engineered vehicles, but GM has always had a part in the Saturn story. We would never have been without GM. Maybe Saturn would still be around had the powers that be left us to what we were originally designed to do, but I suppose no one will ever know.

And even though I would give him my best service should he walk into my facility right now, I just could not let someone call any of my customers twits and morons and let it ride. If you have that Saturn logo on your car, regardless of where you are, where you bought it, and what you may or may not buy from me, you are my customer.

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