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Idea Re: Welcome ImSaturn Members

Originally Posted by 10974 View Post
Asking here..... When did Saturnteam close?? Is there or will there a be a place for ex Saturn employees? Here on Employee= from Spring hill to the dealers?

Any input is very welcomed!!!

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Hi Mike , sorry you had to go through all these changes as a Saturn employee . I know in this economy jobs are hard to find and I just hope that whomever took over the Saturn dealership that you worked at offered you a position with there company which ( thank Go. ) has been the case most of the time .
Saturn is gone , its not coming back any time soon . We all love our Saturn's and I personally will be around the Saturn forums for a long time to come .
I believe in the Saturn idea and concept that was presented BY GM a long time ago . I'm disappointed that they picked Saturn as sort of a scapegoat to bail out on during tuff restructuring times with GM and there BK . I feel that it was unnecessary to bail out on Saturn and it definitely should have been handled differently . I also understand that when a company is going through a BK that rash quick decisions can be made which can not be reversed after the decision because its TO LATE .
We are only human and mistakes can and will continue to be made , its what we do after we discover that a mistake has been made that makes a difference.
Sometimes we need to admit out mistakes and carry on .

For instance , I know it will more than likely never happen because of pride, but check this scenario.
What if GM acknowledged that possibly a mistake had been made during very tuff times wall they were going through the BK and that Saturn should have never been scrapped.
What if they decided to re-introduce Saturn ??? could they do that ???
YES ! they most definitely could . Should they do that ?? YES they most definitely should !! would that help GM ??? YES it definitely would !!!
would they ever suck up there pride , admit that mistakes were made and do the right thing ????? I DOUBT IT . lol.



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