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Default Re: A Letter from Jill Lajdziak to Saturn Owners Regarding GM

What a sad ending to Saturn...

The original concept was great, but the reality of GM's overblown cost structure overwhelmed it. Not to mention that after Roger Smith, then Bob Stempel, no one was really enamored with the whole thing. We know Jack Smith shifted a bulk of GMs development dollars towards SUVs (and horridly cheap interiors). Everything else suffered with Saturn suffering the worst of it. Rick Wagoner's efforts at rescue were too little, too late. I also think Saturn was moved upscale too fast. Just make me a good, economical, honest, and reliable car. I don't need anything fancy. If I had to ditch GM today, I'd probably go for a 2005-2009 Subaru Legacy.

I've always been a loyal GM person, but feel so let down by them for two reasons: 1.) Bankruptcy, 2.) Saturn going away. There are some days that I really wonder whether or not I can bring myself to go back to GM. I love my L300, but right now, just can't get past how disappointed I am with GM. They've really dropped the ball. It is a shame.

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