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Default Re: Former Saturn Owner Struck by "Unresponsive" and "Inattentive" Treatment from Toy

I think it all depends on the dealership...not all Toyota dealers suck.

We bought a Scion xD in March to replace a Pontiac Vibe we lost in an accident. All we wanted was an base model xD, grey, with no extra options, and we were paying cash. Scions are no-dicker sticker cars, so there was no need to wheel and deal on the price. They located the one we wanted at the port in New Jersey, and had it shipped in. The port was closed for a week for some reason, so (knowing we lost a car in an accident and that we had to turn in our insurance-supplied loaner), they GAVE us a brand new xD as a loaner until ours came in. It's not like we were buying a $40,000 car either...the xD is the cheapest car they sell.

Our car came in at noon one day, and they had it prepped by 4:30. Took us 20 minutes from the time we arrived until the time we left with our car, which included doing the paperwork and getting a tour of the dealership. They mentioned extended warranties, but did not pressure us to buy one. Overall, about the easiest new car buying experience I've ever had.

And I'll be happy to provide the name of this dealership if anybody's interested.


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