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Default Re: Former Saturn Owner Struck by "Unresponsive" and "Inattentive" Treatment from Toy

I know many people Toyota over priced service and repairs, the cars no not relable as people think. Most people think that becase of the old gray Toyota's but the ones made since the mid-90's to present have been crap and outdated. Every year since 2007 Toyota has had the most recalls out of all the car makers.

What i find now is GM is making Chevy the new Saturn, Look at the new/redone chevy dealerships clean and welcoming. Service people are nice.

Saturn nolonger has this since GM dumped saturn, and most people that work for Saturn now didnot work for Saturn during it's prime. For me I am sticking with GM and Chevy and not Saturn you have alot more dealerships more crossline parts and stuff like that. I will bring my three saturn to chevy for service and when i buy a new car it will ether be a Chevy or a Ford.


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