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Default Re: Owner Story: Vacationing with the Vue and a RV Trailer

Originally Posted by ToledoEngineer View Post
Maybe it's just me, but my definition of "serious" camping, as the story suggested, would mean leaving any home conviences exactly there. At home, where they belong. Including the mattress (air or otherwise), fridge, and the furnace or a/c . But hey, maybe that's why the word serious was in quotes . But hey, it was def a good story about the actual capabilites of a Saturn nonetheless.

After spending most of my junior high and high school years camping 11 months of the year in Scouting, I don't consider anything more than a tent as camping. And in some conditions that is even a stretch (dependant on the weather). I always cringe when I pull into a place to camp, and every single used lot is filled with an rv or 5th wheel :shudder:. My theory is why bother to leave home if you're just going to bring "home" with you?
This is the beauty of camping: the wide choice of types of camping! Yes, I used quotes for the word "serious" because it is not more serious than any other form of camping. It is just a preference. Camping is fun, no matter how you do it! And I would never tell someone that using a 43' trailer with 3 slide-outs is not camping, because in fact, it is camping! It is just more luxurious than tent-based camping... But often, we refer it as RVing, to make the distinction with tent-based camping. Ask any "RVer" if we would sleep a night or two in a tent and you would be surprised to learn that most of them would answer "yes, anytime!" But when getting older, sleeping on the floor is somewhat too painful and it ain't no fun anymore. This is where the RV comes to save camping!

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