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2009 VUE 3.6L
Default Re: Owner Story: Vacationing with the Vue and a RV Trailer

Originally Posted by Luma46 View Post
I would be interested to know what the fuel consumption was with this Vue pulling a 3000# trailer. I have a 2007 Vue AWD, 3.5 l engine and started pulling a 2150# dry weight 17’ ultralite trailer, loaded weight probably around 2500#. While the trailer is light, it is fairly boxy, which means quite a bit of wind resistance. To make the story short, no problem at all to pull the trailer, but the fuel consumption went up from 8.5 l/100km to about 19 l/100km (~12 MPG) – quite a shocker to me.
Vue was most of the time in the 4th gear, very little in 5th and on hills shifting to 3rd.
Hey! 19 L/100 km is quite good! Here are the numbers with my VUE 2005, which was technically the same as yours:

Flat roads, no wind, nice summer day at 22 C: 17 L/100 km
"Normal" day, a low front-side wind (20 km/h) and some hills: 26 L/100 km...
Storm day, high winds (50 km/h and above), with rain: 28 L/100 km.

To deliver the torque required for towing, there is no secret: the engine needs gas! It is absolutely normal.

For your information, my father just made a 68 days trip around USA and Canada with a Ford F-150 2008 (5.4L V8) and he averaged 24 L/100 km, with peaks of 35 L/100 km!

Have you remarked that the Honda tranny doesn't like to remain in 4th gear? Whenever it hits that gear, the computer tries to shift to 5th... the consequence of having two overdrives!

The new HydraMatic 6T70 in the new VUE is better suited for towing, since the 5th gear is "drive" (1.00:1) and the 6th gear is the overdrive.

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