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Default Re: The Worlds Most Loyal and Dedicated Saturn Family

Originally Posted by David 93 SL2m View Post
I think it is most impressive when somebody buys and drives a car for decades and hundreds of thousands of miles or perhaps even millions of miles. Luke and his 1995 Saturn SL2 with over 500,000 miles and Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo P1800 with almost 3,000,000 miles both come to mind.

If somebody's front yard has 14 Saturns, or if somebody is buying a new Saturn practically once a year, then I start wondering about them.
  1. 1994 SL2 (Gold),Al
  2. 1995 SC2 (White),Al's wife
  3. 1996 SL2 (Green),Al
  4. 1997 SC2 (White),Al's wife
  5. 1998 SL2 (Pearl White),Al
  6. 2000 LW1 (Blue),Al's wife
  7. 2002 Vue 4 FWD (Silver),Al
  8. 2003 Ion QC 3 (Orange),Al
  9. 2003 Ion 3 (White),Al's wife
  10. 2005 Ion Redline (Red),Al
  11. 2005 L300.2 (White),Al's wife
  12. 2006 Ion 3 (White),Al's wife
  13. 2008 Aura XE 4 cyl (Techno Grey),Al
  14. 2009 Aura XE (White),Al's wife
To each his own...
As you said to each their own. Some folks buy a new house every 5 to 7 years. I have had 2 homes since 1976.

Some people change spouses every 8 to 10 years. I have had one for 37 years.

When I first saw the article on the front page, I was embarassed but happy. Then I read some of the comments and they were a great "buzz-kill".

To think that I would have to justify my passion for Saturn on a "Saturn Fans" site is amazing.

Oh well.

Here is an explanation of the vehicles that my wife and I have purchased.

1994 SL2 was purchased for one and only one reason. To prove to my son (who was 16 at the time) that Saturns were junk and he should buy a Toyota like I owned. I had a 1994 Camry XLE (4 cylinder).

Unfortunately, I really liked the car except for the diaper like airbag, the gutterless roof and the automatic seat belts.

I wanted to challenge Saturns' return policy with the purchase of my 1996 SL2. I bought one site unseen (except for pictures). I like the 96 SL2 except the handling. That is when I first connected with SPS. I bought the 21hp package and lowered the car. Did various appearance improvements also.

My 1998 came about because I really liked the Pearl-White color that first came out in 1994 (Homecomming Edition). I also modded this car with lowering springs, the 21 hp package, and a high compression head. When the 1999 Homecomming car came out, the "Green" one, I decided to make my Pearl-White car an IMO a REAL Homecomming car. I purchased the interior of a Homecomming Vehicle and had it installed in my 1998 SL2. This car stayed with me through my next two purchases. Finally, put it to bed when it had about 90,000 miles. Because of some personal health issues, I had trouble driving it.

The purchase of the 2002 VUE was to have a vehicle that would fit my son 6'4", my daughter 5'10" and my wife 5'9". Whenever we went some place as a family, we would have to take two vehicles. The VUE solved this issue. The VUE helped in other ways too. My son moved out . When my daughter left, I did not need a SUV and bought the 2003 ION 3 QC. Again I had some fun modding the car. BUT I made a BIG mistake. From a company that I thought was good, I ordered a Turbo. Unfortunatley, the company was changing hands. The NEW Owner must have been clueless. After many attempts to get the car to run right (too rich; too lean) back and forth, they agreed to remove it. But in the process the car kept having issues.

I dumped it and bought the 2005 ION Redline. This and my 98 SL2 were the hardest decisions I had made to get rid of. My wife can't or won't learn how to drive a manual shift vehicle. Some health issues came back and it was NOT safe to not have another person who could dirve the car.

Soo, I purchased the 2008 Aura XE (4 cylinder). I did again mod it, but only appearance items. In hind sight, wished I knew that the 2009 Auras were going to have the 6 speed tranny.

So I hope this explains my Saturn purchases.

Now for my wife's purchases. She had a 1994 Corolla at the time and hated going to the dealer. When she saw how happy I was with my 1994 SL2, she decided to get a 1995 SC2. The diaper air-bag and motorized belts were gone by then. The only real problem that she had was the pop-up lights in the winter.

Soo in 1997, I surprised her with a 1997 SC2. This was sort of a 25th wedding anniversary present.

In 2000, we needed a Vehicle that could hold the 4 of us (see the 2002 VUE above). Well as I have said many tmes before, if the LW1 would have been my first Saturn, it would have been my last. Way to many recurring problems. None of them HUGE but way to annoying.

She bought the 2003 ION 3 and loved it. In 2005, my son who now had a baby, would visit with his spouse and we again had to take two vehicles. So my wife bought a 2005 L300.2.

Unfortunately, they broke up and his spouse received custody of the baby. My wife missed her ION, so we got rid of it and bought another ION, a 2006. It was almost an exact replica of the 2003 ION, equipment wise.

In March of this year, my wife had her first ever Automobile accident. It was JUST a fender bender ($2,800 to repair). BUT she felt uncomfortable driving it.

The Aura with ALL of the discounts made it a GREAT selection for her. She really wanted another NEW ION but they were not available. The ASTRAs that we had left were ALL 3 doors and she could not deal with NOT having 4 doors and the small rear window.

So there you have it!

p.s. I typically am NOT a fan of used cars. Though now with the Certification Process, it makes sense.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes. It is late and I am tired and OLD.

Al ClapDaddy


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