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Default Re: New GM CEO Not Fazed by Future Competition from Saturn Brand, Peugeot Cited As P

Originally Posted by TaylorMutts View Post
Regardless of who the manufacturing source might be, do you think it is really necessary for Saturn to only sell US built vehicles? Isn't it more about the buying and ownership experience that sets Saturn apart from the other brands?

How do you feel about the Astra and the current VUE? Both are built out of the country, yet are great vehicles sold and serviced by great retailers.

For good or bad, the world has changed since 1990. It seems only fitting that Saturn evolve as well. I'd like to see what the future holds.
The future is crap jobs selling goods to people who either have a crap job, or work in the health care industry. Thanks to the policies of the last 8 years, the internet, IT, manufacturing, and now finance, are garbage sectors in america. No thanks. Those of you willing to gamble your future, go visit England, to see what life is like without industry. Its a two class society.

If a corporation stops providing value to the society, it has no value. Saturn is worthless unless it has more meaning than just the car.

There are plenty of asian branded vehicles that are equal or better to the VUE and Astra that are at least built here.


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